Friction Stir Welding European Qualifications


The FSW-TECH project will run for 24 months (from December 2017 until November 2019)

The project is organised in Intellectual Outputs, and they are the ones guiding the project.

  • Output 1 - Common State of the Art Report - VUZ
  • Output 2 - European Friction Stir Welding Operator (EFSW-O), Specialist (EFSW-S) and Engineer (EFSW-E) Profiles Curricula - EWF
  • Output 3 - National Adaption and Translation of the Curricula - ASR
  • Output 4 - National Implementation Guideline for the EFSW-O, EFSW-S and EFSW-E Profiles Curricula - VUZ
  • Output 5 - European Recommendations - EWF
  • Output 6 - Operational ECVET Kit – ISQ

The project will also be disseminating activities intimately related to the Intellectual Outputs which are:

  • A1: News about the project kick-off
  • A2: News about ongoing project activities (project meetings, outputs, presentations of the project to outside stakeholders)
  • A3: Presentation of the project within each partner organisation
  • A4: Presentation of the project state of the art and results of each annual conference of the EWF network, held every year in November
  • A5: Presentation of the project, its state of the art and results, in countries where FSW is a target for VET providers, during an event addressed to companies
  • A6: Presentation of the project results during the European Project Conference that will be identified in the dissemination recommendations
  • A7: Creating a set of brochures for different target groups and outcomes to present:
    1. the FSW-TECH concept and results to other VET providers in each partners' country.
    2. the FSW-TECH results to business/industrial partners in each partners' country. – the entire duration of the project