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FSW-TECH - Development of a Guideline for Friction Stir Welding Personnel

FSW-TECH - Harmonised qualifications in Friction Stir Welding


Friction Stir Welding (FSW) technologies have a worldwide diffusion in several industrial sectors (rail, shipbuilding, automotive, aeronautics). For high-value applications, where high-performance joint properties are required, FSW has been widely adopted in aluminium fabrication.

Attending to the growth in FSW use and the evident need for qualified metal personnel in Europe, VET Providers will have to carry on fostering lifelong learning through FSW continuous training. Hence, Welding education and training for technicians, practitioners and welders must include FSW learning modules in their basic programmes. New contents and activities must also be developed, to ensure the updating of skills in the industry. Currently, at the national level, the baseline situation for VET qualifications for FSW personnel is limited and dispersed.

The FSW-tech project contributes to the EU's efforts of increasing the labour market relevance of VET and reducing skills mismatches. The primary aim of this project is to create a new guideline to harmonise qualifications on Friction Stir Welding, including three professional profiles, European FSW Operator (EFSW-O), Specialist (EFSW-S) and Engineer (EFSW-E); and to support the creation of the teaching and learning materials.

FSW-Tech is an Eramus+ funded project, composed of five European organisations ASR (RO), EWF (BE), ISQ (PT), IZV (SI), VUZ (SK).

On January 30th, 2018 took place the project kick of meeting in Bratislava, under the guidance of the Erasmus+ Slovakian National Agency. All the project partners were present at the meeting, which was hosted by the project coordinator, VUZ, at their facilities.